GTA V trailer: Some observations and what you might have missed

I’m sure that like me you have all pored over Rockstar’s debut trailer for GTA V. Rewind, play, rewind, slow-mo, it’s all part of the fun of trying to decipher any clues left in the background for us. So here’s the Past the Pixels official list of observations and screen captures. Oh, and in case you’ve been unconscious these past few hours, here’s the trailer to get you up to speed.

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GTA4 looks ridiculously good with iCEnhancer mod

For those of you not keeping much of an eye on the GTA4 modding scene, you probably won’t have heard much of the iCEnhancer mod for the game. Videos of the latest version (1.3) are popping up on video sharing websites from people with powerful enough rigs to do it justice and the results are, well spectacular. A big thumbs up from Past the Pixels to all involved in the creation of these amazing visuals, looking forward to seeing more.