First Person Pac Man

fps man

Pac Man is a classic, in that upper echelon of arcade legends that only the likes of Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Gauntlet reside. It’s also been wonderfully reinvented for a new generation with the neon-infused Pac Man Championship Edition. Freelance game designer Tom Davies has taken the yellow pill-popper’s evolution a stage further by mixing the usual maze wandering with this generation’s obsession with the FPS. Thus FPS Man was born.

Here’s footage of my of my first playthroughs, recorded just for you lot:

The game was created while Tom learned Unity 3D, and instils a real sense of foreboding and dread into the player from the off. Visually, the game is functional. But it’s the audio that is the real star here. Invoking a futuristic, industrial sound, FPS Man is best enjoyed through headphones in a darkened room. When I played I got a real Doom 3/AvP vibe, as in it reminded me of the horrible feeling I got in the pit of my stomach before turning every corner in each of those games.

FPS Man is a great example of how a simple premise well-implemented can elicit such a powerful emotional response from a player. If some modding ninja can get some Occulus Rift support going then this could be an awesome, pretty unique experience.

I’ve never been so scared of a ghost called ‘Pinky’ in all my life, give it a go on Kongregate here.


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