FIST OF AWESOME uppercuts its way to Kickstarter goal

Nicoll Hunt’s mental time travelling, bear battering, deer punching FIST OF AWESOME has now broken through its Kickstarter funding target of £5,000. The money allows Nicoll to work full-time on the game (he has taken the game to alpha state purely by working in his free time) and will also go towards new development and testing hardware, as well as compensating Brendan Ratliff for his work on the game’s soundtrack.

Speaking exclusively to Past the Pixels, Nicoll said: “I’VE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY BEFORE EVERYONE IS AMAZING AND LOVELY AND I WILL MAKE THE BEST GAME EVER IN YOUR HONOUR.” And yes, he really did send me that all in caps.

If you want to support FIST OF AWESOME, then direct your browser to the game’s Kickstarter page.

Full disclosure: I’ve been working with Nicoll’s I Fight Bears studio on some of the promotional work for FIST OF AWESOME, and will continue to do so.


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