Godzilla hits the Glasgow Film Theatre this Sunday

Fans of Japanese cinema will be buzzing to hear that a special Ishiro Honda double feature will play at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Sunday 21 October. The double bill will include both King Kong vs. Godzilla and Matango: Fungus of Terror. Godzilla’s third outing is also his first in colour and widescreen, and the film also marks King Kong’s first colour appearance. It’s a rare chance to see two classic movie monsters go head-to-head on a big screen in Scotland.

Matango: Fungus of Terror is a horror movie that is based on a 1907 short storyThe Voice in the Night’ by English author William Hope Hodgson. The story follows a group of Tokyo socialites who become marooned on an island with the aforementioned fungus. The double bill kicks off at 2.30pm at the GFT, Rose Street, Glasgow. Tickets are priced at £12 full price / £10 concession / £10 CineCard full price / £8 CineCard concession. To book click here.


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