Psst. Wanna win Borderlands 2 and a ‘Vaultload’ of swag?

Not got the fantastic Borderlands 2 yet? Fear not! Past the Pixels has snuck a copy of the game and some great BL2-themed swag out of Gearbox Software’s secret vault. And it’s all being given away to you guys and girls.

But just like the real vault on Pandora, this stuff won’t come easy. To enter, all you need to do is come up with the best Borderlands fan art, poem, song, or performance piece. Drop it or link it in the comments, and the best three will win. Here’s the lovely Amy posing with the swag right after we nicked it out the vault.

The prize breakdown is below:

1st Place: Borderlands 2 (PS3 version), ‘One true Love’ tee, BL2 Survival Kit, playing cards, Claptrap USB drive, bottle opener iPhone case, Claptrap bottle sleeve.

Runner up #1: Claptrap Plushie, baseball cap.

Runner up #2: Crimson Raiders tee, BL2 badge set.

You gotta be from the UK, EU, US or Canada and over 18 to enter. The closing date is Saturday October 20 (plenty time to get creative!).

Haikus on Skags or Claptrap will be looked on favourably.


12 thoughts on “Psst. Wanna win Borderlands 2 and a ‘Vaultload’ of swag?

  1. Why don’t you come on down to Pandora
    Don’t worry about guns; there’s plenty for ya
    First you gotta know there’s this guy named Jack
    If you’re huntin’ for a vault, he’ll cut you no slack
    He’s even worse than the most corrupt police
    He’ll blow you up like the Zero Louise
    But don’t feel down, that’s just the start
    That destroyed train was just playing its part
    The beginning of the game is easy as pies
    but watch for the Bullymongs who rip out eyes
    Make it past a pyromaniac, and feel free to gloat
    You’ll get some time to chill, you’re on a boat!
    Now the rest of the adenture goes by so fast
    Borderlands 2 rocks; it’s such a blast
    And when you’ve triumphed and reached the end
    You can’t help but do it all over again.

  2. Hyperion Prank Gone SO Right

    — The links are voice clips done by me.

    A bandit walks up to a vendor in the middle of their encampment. He pauses, having never seen it before and gives it a slow up and down as if trying to decide if it were something he should be interested in. Curious, he steps forward, triggering the voice from the vendor.
    “Thank you for choosing Hyperion Quality Productions. We offer a variety of fine coffee brews for your pleasure. Please select one of the following.”

    On the vendor, the lower lights would light up with the brand names of each coffee blend available in the vendor.

    “Our first and most highly recognized blend is the Gourmet Hyperion Brew, featured in Hyperion Magazine and Bandits Anonymous.” The button creates a small chime to draw the Bandit’s attention to it.

    “Next we have the Opportunity Brew. One of our lower tier blends, grown right in the city of Opportunity.” The next button chimes, lowering the Bandit’s focus to it.

    “This is one of our more extreme blends, thick as oil and will truly put hair on your chest. If you enjoy the slick sensation of muddy water going down your throat, this blend is for you!” In a quick, lower voice the vendor continues, “Not intended for women or children.” The button chimes like the others, causing the Bandit to focus in on it. He’d scratch his head thoughtfully, not sure which he’d like to choose.

    “Finally, our least common blend is the Bandit Brew. Grown from the compost of our enemies, and baked on the skeletons of our foes, we bring you Bandit Brew! One sip and you’ll experience the psychosis of those fiendish little monsters.” At the chime, the Bandit seems to nod in decision and presses the button for the Bandit Brew. A sudden electrical shockwave is sent roaring through the button and up through the bandit, causing his body to convulse violently. Soon enough, he’d succumb to the inevitable eye bulging and brain matter popping from his skull before falling back in a heap of death.

    “I’m sorry, the item you have chosen results in immediate death. Please try again next time, and remember! If it isn’t Hyperion, it shouldn’t exist!”

  3. A picture, AND a haiku!

    A pet skag and a Claptrap unit having a ball! Or, at least the skag is having fun.
    Skag is named Kibblez. Claptrap doesn’t have a name, but I guess he’s called Bits. It works!

  4. My Torgue Pistol Nerf Gun. While cutting the clips and dents in it, the x-acto knife slipped and cut my wrist. 3 stitches, about 7 layers of paint, and 2 weeks later…. Boom! I have my own weapon from the game.

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