Scottish? Love Anime? You’ll love this

The third annual Scotland Loves Anime festival is kicking off this weekend, and it’s your chance to be among the first to see some great new films. Running dates in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, the 2012 festival will also give attendees the opportunity to be one of the first people in the UK to see the big screen adaptation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

The festival kicks off in Glasgow this Friday 12 October, before heading East to Edinburgh on Friday 19. It’s not just Phoenix Wright who’ll be getting a premiere in Glasgow though, there’s the European premieres of K-On! Movie (being attended by director Naoko Yamada!) and Anime Mirai Project, as well as the UK premiere of Blood-C The Last Dark 

Edinburgh will host the international premiere of Nerawareta Gakuen (ie: the first showing outside of Japan), the European premiere of Berserk Movie 2 – The Battle for Doldrey, and the first Scottish showing of Wolf Children – Ame and Yuki.
You can get the full programme of films and booking details at the official website. It promises to be a fantastic weekend of quality anime, so get yourself along to support it.

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