Borderlands 2’s ‘A Work of Art’ is now live

The hype for Borderlands 2 has been creative (especially this Claptrap photobomb app), but the Gamescom A Work of Art live stream is pretty unique marketing. The artwork, being created all day, also ties into content for the game. So as a new piece of the art is completed then a new piece of content for the game will be revealed. Right now the artwork is beginning to take shape, but with the feed still going for another 11 hours there should be plenty new things to see as you drop in on the feed throughout the day.

Here’s some blurb about the project from 2K, which gives more detail about who the artists are and what they’re aiming to do:

“Leading graffiti artists Sam Hope (UK) and Dave More (Germany) will collaborate to create a mural of the colourful world of Borderlands 2’s Pandora, featuring key characters, items and environments, which will be live-streamed online. Taking the project one step further in true Borderlands style, individual artwork will reveal exclusive online content as sections of the mural are completed, transforming it into the largest interactive digital artwork ever created. A select number of lucky fans will also get the chance to take away a piece of Borderlands 2 history; the completed individual artworks will be given away via a free social auction, with bids being placed on Twitter.”



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