Indie developer Nicky Hunt, of Hard Lines fame, has unveiled his latest iOS title FIST OF AWESOME, and it looks completely mental. Taking inspiration from the heyday of scrolling beat ’em ups like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, and adding its own brand of ridiculous humour, the game promises to bring an updated form of the genre to a whole new audience.

The game stars Jack Lumber a ‘forest dwelling tree feller who gets caught up in a needlessly complex interstellar plot to take over Earth by altering history with remote controlled animals’. Given the humorous characterisation of the coloured threads that populated Hard Lines, count on a good few laughs and not very much taking things serious.

Nicky has been wanting to make FOA since he was a teenager, and only now does he feel he can give his grandiose vision of violence and lunacy justice: “I’ve been a huge fan of 2D beat ’em ups for as long as I can remember. I even started to make FIST OF AWESOME back when I was 15 (a distant 17 years ago!), but quickly realised I was nowhere near ready to take on a project of that size,” Nicky said.

“When Castle Crashers was released I was hoping it would be the start of a new renaissance of 2D scrolling beat em ups, but sadly it wasn’t to be. I just feel there’s so much that can be achieved with the format, and combining it with the advances in new control schemes on iOS just seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.”

Nicky was also amazed at the positive feedback his teaser trailer and handful of details has collected. “I guess the world has been crying out for a game where you get to kick deer in the balls and engage in fistcuffs with full grown bears, who knew? The music and the art especially have been getting a lot of love. I’m super happy with how the art is being received but I can’t take any credit for the music. The wonderfully talented Brendan Ratliff has done brilliantly bringing aural majesty to accompany my pixelated scrawls.”

“I’ve never felt so empowered when developing a game before, the foundations that I have in place mean that I’ll be able to push FIST OF AWESOME in so many crazy directions. My initial goal was to build a rock solid fighting engine, and now that I have that I can have fun just adding more and more features to it and build the elaborate level setups I have in my head! It feels great to have achieved all I have so far, but the next stage of embellishing all the ideas and the outrageous scenarios is what I’m really looking forward to!”


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