Spilt Milk reveal Smash the Block

Spilt Milk Studios have revealed their latest iOS title, Smash the Block, via a YouTube video. The six-minute clip shows Andrew John Smith playing through a beta build of the game and commenting on the games design choices and mechanics. At the same time the studio also released a behind the scenes video of production. Andrew said:

“It was high time we started showing the awesomeness we’re cooking up behind the scenes. Lots of people are signed in to the beta but obviously even more aren’t, so we thought it’d be really fun to show the progress we’re making. I’m probably going to make [the videos] a weekly thing – or at least  a’once-every-cool-and-interesting-updately’ thing.”

Smash the Block follows on from Spilt Milk’s impressive iOS game Hard Lines. Regarding the development process and a set release date Andrew said:

“Development is going brilliantly. The guys are awesome, the ideas seem to be getting more awesome with every day and we can’t wait for people to play it when it comes out. But that will only be when it’s good and ready!”


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