One Year On

On February 24 2011 Past the Pixels was created as a means to satisfy coursework demands for university. I needed to create a blog so I did one on what I loved, games. One year on and the site is still going, and growing. Starting with features, to editorials, interviews, video content and now podcasts. I had no idea I’d end up sinking so much time into creating all this content. I had no idea I’d get featured on Kotaku (oh how I wish I had advertising when that happened).

So what next? Well university is taking its toll right now (hence the no updates in 12 days), but once that’s out the way I’ll be looking to devote more time to getting some good features up on the site. I feel the features have always been the strongest area of Past the Pixels. I’ll also be applying for real journalism jobs with my shiny honours degree in journalism. Think Future or Imagine Publishing need another writer? I sure hope so.

Thanks again for supporting the site, I genuinely relish waking up in the morning and checking the site stats to see how many people have clicked here for a read. Hopefully the next year is even better.



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