Hey look, a Podcast!

So here at Past the Pixels there’s news, reviews, features and video content. The only thing missing, that I’ve wanted to do for some time, is a podcast. Well now that can be ticked off the list as I’ll be part of the DamnLag.com DamnOld Retro Game Podcast alongside the very funny Nick Simberg.

As the title states, we’ll be covering retro games. With me being Scottish and Nick American, our cross-Atlantic musings can be pretty funny (podcast first, sitcom later methinks). Episode 1 covers the Strider games, cancelled Dreamcast titles, how Nick hates Mario Kart(!), and why I really need to play Chrono Trigger. It’s our first show, so it’s not perfect, but give it a shot and hopefully we can grow into something you’ll enjoy every week. Below is the YouTube link, if you wanna listen to us on your music device of choice then download the direct audio here.


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