Buy a wooden Neo Geo, help charity

When I was young I always wanted a Neo Geo. I didn’t even know which one I wanted, but just seeing all those chunky sprites in Fatal Fury on the old Gamesworld tv shows made it instantly desirable. Even now I find myself browsing Ebay and pricing them up, never thought I’d find a wooden one though. Wait what? A WOODEN Neo Geo?

Yes the picture doesn’t lie, currently for sale on Ebay is a charity auction for a walnut-encased SNK Neo Geo MVS. The auction states: “What we have here is a totally unique Neo Geo system.” I can’t really argue with that, this console is an amazing feat of carpentry that shows even the Atari 2600 how its done.

Not only will the winning bidder be landing a completely unique Neo Geo, they’ll also be doing their bit for the James Bulger Memorial Trust. The trust has many aims and objectives which you can read about on the site, but its main focus is “to benefit and support young people who are disadvantaged by reason of having become the victims of crime, hatred or bullying”.

I can’t be 100% certain, but I believe these consoles are produced by a US company called Analogue Interactive and retail new for $649. So if you’re like me and always fancied a Neo Geo, get bidding. It’s a wonderful piece and helping out a great charity. You can find the auction and some more pics here.


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