Travis Rice to be playable in EA’s new SSX

EA have announced on the official SSX Facebook page that real-life pro snowboarder Travis Rice will be a playable character for their rather gorgeous looking SSX reboot. This marks somewhat of a landmark for the series as all previous characters have been original creations (like my personal favourite, Mac Fraser).

With EA having already announced a number of real-world locations will be used, perhaps there shall be more pro ‘boarders announced before the game is released on February 14.

UPDATE – It appears I called it wrong on Travis being SSX’s first real-world character. The following is a statement on the official SSX Facbook page:

“Travis Rice is not the first real-world character in an SSX game, that honor goes to MixMaster Mike. For the hardscore SSX fans: While we have yet to reveal how Travis Rice will be made available in game, you should know that his character will not be involved in campaign mode. Stay tuned for more info.”


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