Dirt 3 for £25 plus other bargains

While I’m still working my way around Hyrule in Ocarina of Time 3DS, those who don’t have a 3DS or (gasp!) don’t like Zelda might want to check out some of these offers. All handpicked for your purchasing pleasure.

GAME have some very attractive offers in their ‘Killer Deals‘ section, the best being the very well received Dirt 3 on both 360 and PS3 for only £24.99.

As well as ‘Killer Deals’ the retailers also has a ‘Preowned Price Crash’ with some absolutely brilliant prices on some pretty good games. Need for Speed Shift (360+PS3), Resistance 2 (PS3) and Killzone 2 (PS3) are all only £4.99. Battlefield Bad Company 2 (360+PS3)is just £8.99, and anyone looking to get a little fitter on the Wii can pick up Wii Fit + Balance Board for £29.99.

Play.com’s Deals of the Week section doesn’t throw up anything as good as the Portal 2 for £12.99 deal that happened recently. Only Prince of Persia HD Trilogy (PS3) really stands out at just £9.99. Total War: Shogun 2 is down to £13.99, a whole shiny pound cheaper than Amazon. As for Amazon, they don’t have too much apart from a Sonic 20th Birthday store. It doesn’t contain many bargains, but it was a nice thought.



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