What I want from E3: Sony

After yesterday’s What I want relating to all things Nintendo, I’ll now shift focus to Sony. After a difficult few months with the Playstation Network troubles, the Playstation brand will look to bounce back at E3 with some big announcements. Here’s what I’d like to see from the Japanese giant.

Some more stunning PS3 games

Uncharted 3 looks stunning and should round off the trilogy nicely. Even if the game is just Uncharted 2 polished further it’ll be a stunning game. Given what Naughty Dog are capable of, I fully expect the title to exceed the already lofty expectations that currently hang round their necks.

But what next? Some more footage of the gorgeous looking Last Guardian would go down a treat. Twisted Metal should be a big hitter come its release, some more information on its multiplayer components should be strongly featured. As would some concrete info on any new titles to get the HD makeover treatment like the MGS Collection. Throw in the curveball of a new exclusive game from a big publisher like EA or Take Two and Sony’s E3 would be a success.

A Playstation Move game I actually want to play

The Playstation Move is a nice bit of kit and the demonstrations from Sony’s E3 2010 keynote presentation were impressive, but I’ve yet to see anything that has really blown me away. Apart from raising a brief interest when I read about the excellent Killzone 3 supporting Move controls, it hasn’t even registered on my excitement meter (a real device I’ll have you know).

So what do I want? A straight up RPG adventure built from the ground up to utilize the Playstation Move controller. Either a first person Oblivion epic, or a third person adventure. Use the much vaunted accuracy for intricate sword fighting, archery and spell-casting. Have mini-games like in Fable 2 where I can craft weapons and hammer molten metal with that shiny ball controller. Make me feel like an adventurer Sony! If not then no worries, I’ll just buy Skyward Sword for my Wii.

Payday: The Heist turns out to be really good

I don’t think I’ve ever played a good game based on robbing banks. The “Three Leaf Clover” mission on GTA4 was about the closest this generation may have come to executing the perfect heist mission.

If Overkill Software can make a solid, team-based shooter that actually allows players to properly plan out their robbery together, then they’ll be on to a winner. What I don’t want is a CoD’s Zombies mode rehashed with SWAT teams and police. Being able to plan what entry points to take, use brute force or intimidation on the manager to get to the vault, and how to exit the bank would be brilliant. Even if the game falls short of these demands, it could still find itself being a fun multiplayer experience with a good community.

Payday is due out at the end of the year as a PSN exclusive and will retail for “less than half of retail game” according to Sony. Not since Warhawk have I had a compulsion to get online and play on my PS3, hopes are high for this one.

A flood of fresh NGP game announcements

Uncharted, Wipeout and Hustle Kings at launch is a pretty strong lineup, but I’m hoping to see more unique experiences on the NGP. Games such as Little Deviants and Sound Shapes that take advantage of the rear touchpad

With the NGP Sony has a machine that can replicate many play styles due to the wealth of control options at its disposal. Add in some augmented-reality with the camera and it’s exciting times to see what will be served up. With so many variables, surely there will only be more inventive and excellent new experiences ready to be unveiled on Sony’s new handheld.


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