Christmas Memories – pt3


These next two pieces from Kirk McKeand and Chris Spann both discuss the relationship between father and son. I was really moved as I read them, and it made me think a lot about what I think time of year is all about. I recommend you find somewhere quiet and contemplative to give them a read. 

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Christmas Memories – pt 1

mario gift

A couple of weeks back I was thinking of writing up a little post to share some of my Christmas memories involving videogames. At the same time I thought it would be cool to hear other people’s Christmas videogame memories too, so I asked them to contribute. They were given no parameters except being asked to share a memory or what springs to mind when they think about Chistmas and videogames.

There’s a good mix of people from devs to journalists and even some other industry types too. I’ll be sharing these on the blog every day this week. In this first batch Nicoll Hunt and Becca Roberts share their fave Christmas game. While James Spafford shares a few Christmas gaming memories, starting with a ZX Spectrum from Santa back in 1986.

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Another game finished – Gunpoint


Seems I’m on a bit of a roll! Had a blast playing this one. An incredible atmosphere created from a combination of charming visuals and cracking use of sound. It’s amazing how much has been squeezed into its tiny 50mb file size.

Definitely worth picking up.

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So what’s my motivation here?


In Scotland we’ve got our own special word for that built-in determination we possess as humans, it’s called dig. If you haven’t got the will to complete something, then (in the opinion of some) you’ve just not got enough dig.

dig \dig\

1. Noun: an innate urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.

Recently, I’ve been lacking in this dig when it comes to playing games. I buy lots of games, I love the feeling of getting a new game (in some cases, probably more than I love playing it), but when that shiny new feeling wears off and the game throws up its first major challenge/chore, I often go “fuck it” and do something else. I lie down to challenge far too easily. I never used to be like this, and it utterly dismays me.

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I’m in love with pixelated ninjas


I don’t get too much time to play games any more (or update this blog, clearly). Sweeping epics and AAA titles are all on the backburner til Christmas. The recent Steam sales also kinda passed me by as I was pretty skint. One game I did pick up though was Super House of Dead Ninjas. Costing me a grand total of £1.74, it’s the best fun:cost ratio I think I’ve ever had in a game. I am most definitely in love.

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First Person Pac Man

fps man

Pac Man is a classic, in that upper echelon of arcade legends that only the likes of Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Gauntlet reside. It’s also been wonderfully reinvented for a new generation with the neon-infused Pac Man Championship Edition. Freelance game designer Tom Davies has taken the yellow pill-popper’s evolution a stage further by mixing the usual maze wandering with this generation’s obsession with the FPS. Thus FPS Man was born.

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MGS: Going beyond stealth


Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear series is entering new ground with upcoming release MGS Rising. The trademark stealth mechanic has been abandoned for Platinum Games’ riotous over-the-top action. Aside from a few handheld experiments, this is the first time a Metal Gear game has crept into a new genre. With such a rich and varied universe of characters and conflict, there’s plenty more scope for branching out into even more genres.

Here are a few suggestions, some serious and some not, of genres I could see a Metal Gear game in.

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